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Are you preparing for retirement or simply tired of the hustle bustle of big city life? The southwest is rapidly becoming one of the most popular places to retire in our country. With an ideal climate and low property taxes, Hidalgo County is becoming a choice area for relocation for retirement purposes or other reasons. We have a very low crime rate, absolutely no gang activity, modern medical facilities, and the peace that comes with small town living.

If you are used to living in a larger community, you will rapidly learn to appreciate our life style where everyone gives you a wave and a smile. In Hidalgo County your children or grandchildren will be safe as they play in the neighborhood and you don’t have to live in fear of drive by shootings. We’re a quiet community conveniently located between two major cities, Tucson, Arizona and El Paso, Texas—each just a 2 ½ hour drive.

There are many attractions in our area to see. We have authentic ghost towns, Wolfsong Ranch, which is a large wolf and wildlife refuge, as well as numerous art galleries in Rodeo. We have many local festivals and fiestas at various times of the year s well as our western rodeo, county fair and carnival. Visitors to Hidalgo County can enjoy the fun and excitement of a two-country vacation.

There are many older, established homes, farms, or ranches for sale in the various communities in Hidalgo County as well as new housing projects starting in the area. Mi Casa Development is currently in the first phase of a two-phase plan to bring affordable housing to Lordsburg/Hidalgo County. Ultimately a recreational area will be located near their development to include a lake for fishing as well as a new golf course. These beautiful homes are energy efficient and landscaped with time and water conservation in mind. The easily maintained yards are landscaped with various drought resistant desert plants that are dispersed amongst river rock. Small, sections of grass and flowers compliment the desert landscaping and bring color to the surroundings.

We have many new employment opportunities becoming available in our area in the very near future. Homeland Security has purchased the town site of Playas and in the near future will be giving training classes to various government agencies. In addition, a new Research and Development Park will be built near the town site and many new manufacturing businesses will be branching out into our area creating hundreds of jobs for the citizens. Advanced training facilities are in the works.

Stop by and visit with our local real estate offices and see what we have to offer. Property taxes and utilities won’t cost you an arm and a leg and our local stores will welcome you into the community with a smile and an eagerness to help you with your needs. Rural living is where it’s happening now. Life is too short to spend hours on a subway or fighting traffic and combating road rage. Give us a try! You’ll live longer and be happier with less stress that only a small community can offer.